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“No matter how challenging you may think your life is, there’s always someone who has to face greater challenges than yours.”

“Quality Living Home Health Services” and our “Quality Hearts 360⁰ Initiative” is not about giving back in terms of “offering cheap products,” or “doing something for free in exchange for advertising space.” It is about caring, giving back, and simply being humane. That is why we pledge a percentage of every paid invoice to this initiative.

Those enduring life challenges is the reason

Quality Hearts 360 Initiative

was required in our organization's values from day one.

What It's About?

It’s about how we’re able to better the lives of the people around us – loved ones, people in your community, and the lives of people around the world.

Our Reward!

The only reward we look to receive is the realization that we have made a significant change in someone’s life and if not “significant” then a positive change nonetheless.

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