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Personal Care services are for those who regularly require “hands-on” personal care,needing regular assistance to remain at home.

We will refer a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or Home Health Aide (HHA) to perform personal care services for you or your loved one. All services can be personalized to meet the needs of you and your family.

Personal Care services includes, but not limited to:

Our CNAs can accompany you to your doctors or dental appointments (doctors offices often prefer the disabled or elderly patients be accompanied to medical appointments), assisting with care during and following an appointment. Our CNAs may also accompany and assist our clients in the examination room, securely carry their documents, and keep track of new physicians orders. Doing so helps take the strain off family members in providing transportation already burdened with family obligations and work responsibilities.

Our CNAs and home health aides have clean driving records and follow state guidelines, rules and regulations regarding the transportation of patients to and from home based environments. Quality Health Care Solutions is dedicated to providing short-term and long-term transportation services to meet the needs of yourself or a loved one,during all seasons of the year.

Care providers that assist with Personal Hygiene services are generally helping you or your loved one with important daily hygienic activities such as oral care, hair care, shaving, applying lotion, nail care and filing nails. In the event of a diabetic client, a CNA/HHA, or RN is necessary for nail care.

Activities of daily living (ADL) are routine activities that people tend do every day without needing assistance. The basic ADLs include: personal hygiene (bathing, grooming, oral care), dressing, eating, toileting, continence, and transferring and/or ambulation.

The care providers we refer can assist you with performing these important activities. The ability to perform these ADLs is important for determining which type of in-home care you or your loved one will need.

Is cooking hard on your body, or does it cause safety concerns? The care providers we refer can assist with grocery shopping, preparing and cooking meals, cleaning, and monitoring diet and nutrition. All care providers can help clients maintain a well-balanced and nutritional diet, or stay on a particular diet to manage a variety of medical conditions. Another added benefit of this service is regularly having someone to share a meal with!

Assistance with feeding can be tube feeding (RNs or LPNs only), hand feeding, or assistance with using utensils. All the care providers we refer have received training in how to help clients feed themselves, and although it can be hard to accept at first, our caring approach can turn mealtime into an enjoyable social experience.

With one out of three adults between age 57 to 85 taking at least 5 prescription drugs, keeping up with medications can be a serious task. We offer medication assistance services for you or your loved one that is tailored to your needs. Medication Assistance – provided by a CNA/HHA or RN. Medication coordination – refill, pick up, or deliver prescriptions Pill box set-up and reminders Medication administration Medication Management – RN or LPN Monitor all medications being taken to ensure no dangerous overlaps Discuss medications and side-effects with Physicians.

Some clients need assistance with mobility for various reasons. Any of the Personal Care care provders we refer can assist clients with mobility and performing various activities to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Assistance with mobility could include physically helping individuals move, or a more hands-off observation to ensure the client is safe

Bathing and showering helps our clients feel relaxed, refreshed, healthy, and positive about their appearance. Bathing and showering are important parts of in-home care for our clients, and the care providers we refer can assist with getting in and out of the shower or tub, help with physically bathing, washing, cleaning, toweling, and preparing to leave the bathroom.

For a number of physical reasons, some clients need help getting dressed. This service includes outfit selection as well as physical assistance with getting dressed.

To promote health, safety and proper functioning of the body's many systems, the care providers we refer have been trained to move and place clients in the correct postures and positions. Proper transfers and positioning into beds and chairs helps eliminate pressure areas on the skin, reduce muscle weakening and stiffening, and promotes proper breathing, digestion, and elimination. The care providers we refer have also been trained to help transfer clients in and out of wheelchairs using safe transfer techniques.

Quality Living Home Health appreciates that compassion and sensitivity are of utmost importance when it comes to assistance with toileting. The care providers we refer will help the client safely get on and off the toilet, as well as any other help that is needed

The care provider we refer can discreetly and compassionately assist you or your loved one with incontinence care, including assisting with Ostomy care and urinary drainage bags.

Sometimes you just want to know that your loved one is being looked after and is safe, especially if you don't live near them or can't check in regularly. Any of the care providers we refer can regularly observe and ensure that proper safety measures are in place for your loved one.

When people are dealing with complicated health issues and the aging process in general, it is important to record data about the health of that person to track any progression or regression, and manage treatment accordingly. The care provider we refer can assist with recording health data, including recording vital signs, intake and output, and client weight.

24-Hour Care

For clients who require around-the-clock care, We provide 24/7 moral support, companionship, and (most importantly) quality care.

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Contact us to schedule a phone consultation or in-home assessment by one of our "Quality Associate" Consultant, who will work with you to develop a personalized plan of care designed to suit your needs.

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