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~ Our Vision ~

To set a novel standard of quality and affordability for home health services while caring for our associates, our clients, and our communities.

~ About Us ~

Quality Living Home Health Services was established to change the way home health services is currently being offered and operated. We observed over the years the increase in the cost services, while standard of care remained at a mediocre level.

~ About Us (Cont.) ~

In addition, caregivers being treated unethically by employers – which translates into inadequate performance. This is where we saw the opportunity to provide services as it should be.

~ About Us (Cont.) ~

Quality Living Home Health Services was founded on values that are the essential to our organizational structure and operations. We are here to create a new standard and be a representation of this new standard.

~ Our Promise ~

To uphold our commitment to making a difference, improve quality of care, and expand affordability while assuring to integrity and excellence.

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